Heroes are so rare

My beloved internets: Can I just have a round of applause for my best friend, the uberman?

Your Correspondent, Fascinated by the sweet confusion.

5 Responses to “Heroes are so rare”

  1. bonzo says:

    hey there zoomtard. been reading your blog. although i can’t understand (or won’t take time to) most of it. probably because i’ve a brain smaller than the size of my eye.


    stigmund was showin me the tsunami post and although the post wasn’t about “the brilliance” of million dollar baby i’d love to know what you thought of it. personally i shed a tear(http://gbgm-umc.org/Response/articles/tearsofhate.html) today when i realised that the film had “swept” the oscars. boo.

  2. bonzo says:

    oh, and i’ve found the truth.


    case closed. i’m off to burn some heathens.

  3. Hey Bonzo,

    Thanks for the feedback. Us self-obbsessed blogger-types thrive on it. You sir, are a man infused with the Funny so why do you not have a blog? As I understand it, you are so inherently funny that little boys laugh at you as you walk down the street. Get on the train and amuse me when I feel a need to procrastinate Eoin. Or Owen. Or Eoghan.

    You’ll have to explain why the posts are so hard to understand because, and this is pathetic, I try really hard to write this thing in a way that everyone can enjoy it. Yet you are the second person, after the middle aged Dutch academic said it. Are you mistaking boring with complex again?
    Ostriches are my favourite form of poultry. For eating, but especially for riding.

    I don’t know what the General Board of Mission for the Methodist Church has to do with Million Dollar Baby. Are you trying to say that euthanasia and suicide are the same thing? Shame on you. I am going to talk about that travesty of a film when next I slide down my pole into Zoomtard HQ.

    Finally, Jesus had a mowhawk.


  4. stig says:

    Please do (talk about that movie). And try explain why it swept the Oscars. With the Broom of Ridiculousness. Good luck with your explanation. The answer’s in the Bible, of course. HINT: somewhere near the back.
    I think Bonzo’s link regarding the movie was less to do with the suicide/euthanasia debate and more to do with the article’s title, which beautifully described the emotions behind his tears.
    Later, mo cuishle. *vomit*

  5. bonzo says:

    hey there dr zoomious.
    no, your entries aren’t hard to understand, it’s just that i am a really lazy reader. i reckon i’ll have a good read after my exams. maybe the dictionary or something. i hear there’s a twist at the end. like in that book i read when i was a kid. ann and barry i think it’s called.

    i’ve always been dreadful with books. for both the leaving cert (jane austen’s ’emma’) and the junior cert (mark twain’s ‘huck finn’) i decided to rely solely on chapter summaries and rapid revision books from eason. “you’re only fooling yourself”, i can still hear my teacher say. “you have to use capital letters” she moaned. yeah right. capitals shmapitals.


    anyway? i’ve forgotten what i’m talkin about. well thats amnesia for you…..hmm….

    bye then…