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I am making another public appearance this weekend. The good folks at Lucan Presbyterian Church have invited me to preach and worse again, talk to the children about God. Get ready for some high quality brain washing! If you are around the greater Lucan area for whatever reason on Sunday morning, maybe because you were visiting the Italian ambassador, maybe because you were surveying the socio-economic impact on this former sleepy village that is now the fastest growing town in Ireland or maybe because you missed the last Nitelink home on Saturday night and you’ve only staggered as far as Leamhchán by 10.30am, then come on in.

I will be ripping off Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and a mystery icon of the 20th Century. Even if my nemesis, O’Heresy, escapes from his thought prison and bursts in mid-sermon, it will be worth coming for the japes we have watching me try and deal with children. And for the whole connecting with God thing.

I will never be able to emulate Mimi though, who once again deserves a medal made of valuable metal and adorned with glittery jewels for the sentence:

It’s like Jacques Derrida is running a daycare center in my head.

I spent three hours in a debate last night between a very famous Islamic apologist (which I guess means he is a household name on university campuses in the Medina area) and a Syrian Catholic who writes very well received books. I was about to slip into a boredom induced coma when a Swedish grandad came along and asked me out to dinner. We resisted the urge to eat pork just because we could.

Even when I went to the pub to act as servant and driver and pun-man to ddmmyy and neuro, I refrained from alcohol. The Koran in my bag had a strange effect on me last night.

Today I have the day off and I have already added a whole new links page to Zoomtard (go see if you are there!), hung out and talked architecture with a newly arrived Christian ministry student from New York and bestowed gifts upon my wife (which is not a euphemism). Now I will go visit a friend or starving children or illiterate med students in a hospital (whoever I meet first) and then party the night away with some asylum seekers. If my life could get any better, it would only be through somone buying me U2 tickets.

Your Correspondent, Bought Gilette First.

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