Where Zoomy Builds A Bridge

Over on MrBing there is a tremendous hulla-bullo brewing. A big fat palava if you will. Needless to say, CaoimheB was at the centre of it, causing pain and discomfort for the rest of us. Thanks for that you middle aged, trans-gendered, Dutch post-modern cultural studies academic. It will all turn out to be a storm in a tea-cup but sure, what would a blog be if it were not a massive over-reaction to meaningless chatter carried down phone lines by the slow and steady surge of a crowd of electrons, like depressed GAA fans dejectedly leaving Croker after another year’s hopes are dashed.

I should definitely be a teacher. That illustration totally works! Electrons move at like, 4 miles per hour or something. They don’t buzz around like TGV trains through the Gaul countryside.

Seriously though I had something to do this morning which was write a brief open-letter to Mr. Bing and his commenters. Go check it out, comments and all.

If you are in a rebellious mood and you don’t feel like taking my advice, let me quote a bit.

Mr Bing says:

“Although, to be frank, I consider religious belief a psychological condition that calls for treatment and sympathy, not respect.”

Class! Thanks for that bud! Alrigh’!

So here is my open letter.

Dear Mr. Bing and associates,

I need your help. See, by your definition I am sick, in that religious belief is some kind of neurosis. Yet as a former atheist, loud and way-too-proud, I was sick by CaoimheB’s definition. I am one sick puppy. My brain isn’t just broken. Its broken-ness contradicts itself! You guys are the only folks around who are brave enough to diagnose me so please don’t leave me languishing. Suggest some treatment. I urge you!

I was as much an atheist as can be for four years. I know the reasons and I know they satisfy. There isn’t a hint of disrespect in me for anyone because they call themselves atheists. In fact, if they can achieve the lofty goal of overcoming a sickness shared by about 85% of the Earth’s population (making religious neurosis the biggest psychological crisis of recorded history and not something that any moral person can hope to “tolerate”!) I will be positively impressed.

Yet 6 or so years ago I came into contact with Christianity for the first time and over the course of about six months it convinced me of its claims. I guess for you, the sickness just took over. Now I can really claim with authority to be able to understand Christians and the range and spectrum that word suggests (from liberal New England Anglican, to CaoimheB, to me and Neuro to some Charismatics right out to the rapture-ready dino-denying israel-idolising fundies) believe.

In my detailed interactions which go on with both groups I would like to propose an idea (if you can tolerate and listen to an idea that comes from so sick a mind as mine). When you guys throw textbook psuedo-scientrific diagnoses of neurosis at each other, all you are doing is revealing your own old-skool no-need-for-Freud-misappropriations insecurity. The claim of a Christian that an atheist is somehow missing something important is a justification to think less of them, usually in the realm of being compassionate. The claim of a an atheist that a Christian is suffering neurosis is a justification for thinking less of them, usually in the realm of the intellect.

People, stop fighting each other and unite against a common enemy. Andy

Yours Sincerely, In Thor,


Your Correspondent, Not Brave Enough To Force Christ Down Someone’s Throat on the Interweb Without Having Google Safe Search On.

4 Responses to “Where Zoomy Builds A Bridge”

  1. Caoimhe says:

    this is great, now I’m being attacked by Athiests and Fundo Christians alike………well God knows I’m right and you’re all wrong, so humph!!!

  2. Zoomtard says:

    And I am sick. Maybe Adrian (toomuchparanoias.blogspot.com) can give me some of the drugs he’s not using.

  3. neuro-praxis says:

    Hey Caoimhe,

    You know that Zoomtard is only kidding with you, right? He’s not attacking you – he’s teasing you. Take it with a grain of salt.

    After all, I’m his wife and he linked to me under the word “narcissistic”.

    I guess you just wouldn’t expect us “Fundos” to have a sense of humour.


  4. With the possible exception of promiscuity, Christians are the worst for everything. A church I went to had a concert on (Third Day, big band in the US), and they beefed up security purely because of the amount of Christians who would try and blag/sneak/break their way in without paying.

    Most Christians I’ve met are sick in the head, but not in the way Mr. Bing is talking about.