You are acting like a nightmare

I have heard that there are people out there who still haven’t enjoyed the pleasures of a gmail account. I have a crapload of accounts and am happy to share them with you. Simply just ask. Email Zoomtard at gmail.

Your Correspondent, What Else Can He Hope To Do?

3 Responses to “You are acting like a nightmare”

  1. Caoimhe says:

    Now you offer huh????????? Did my post prick your conscience? ;op

  2. Zoomtard says:

    I never realised there were so many people outside the google technorati. 🙂 I do have a crapload so if you know of anyone, send them here.

  3. adrian says:

    Nothing to do with anything, but I thought that this was really sidesplitting stuff:
    Well, you’ll either laugh or explode. Or explode with laughter, it’s all good.