Colin Powell retires to spend more time with Halo 2

C is busy finishing an essay on TS Eliot. He had a terrible marriage. His wife died in a mental institute. Who said Arts Degrees didn’t prepare you for real life? It could be a prophesy for her.

She also tells me that modernism as a literary movement had a real respect for women. So that must be the kind of theoretical respect for women that you can speak and write about while disregarding them day to day and bedding any of them that will agree to it. So I’d just like to publicly state how I, like, totally dig C’s mind and her er, actualisation as a woman. Yes. Totally. Right?

Glad to get that out of the way. If I am ever going to be a famous modernist playwright or poet I have to make an offer that anyone who reads this blog and would like to pursue a meaningless and destructive sexual relationship should just email me at the zoomtard gmail account. Male or female. It doesn’t really matter so long as I get a chance to really, like, find myself. And I of course, totally respect C.

Eliot became a Catholic later on in life, after the nihilism. You gotta respect someone who converts to Catholicism. The attraction of orthodoxy only seems to make a claim on really clever and mature people. None of that wishy washy Protestantism for the likes of Eliot.

A Time of Linkage
This blog over here is intimidatingly good. So funny. I strongly advise checking it out and adding it to your favourites list.

Also, check out this local church website while you are at it. Its not like I know anything about this church or this site because after ddmmyy I’m all about the “artistic distance”.

I am glad to see that Kentucky politicians have a real good grasp of priorities and that they understand the word morality better than so many American evangelicals. I got Nazi Holocaust Denying literature ads in my banner on this newspaper’s website. It has KKKWALITY written all over it.

And finally in this linkage, can we have a moment’s silence for a passing King. Verily, Ghetto Superstar was what he were.

So onwards. My driving is progressing towards the automobile Omega Point beautifully. That Omega Point is when I cruise around the suburbs of West Dublin, homeboys in the back, shades on, windows down, rocking it the old -school stylings of Snow or Vanilla Ice. The fact that I cut out three times in a row at one junction doesn’t take away from my emerging genius.

I am all in favour of bio-meddling with babies now. I used to be really into bio-ethics and all that when I was younger, but like a girl waking up and realising that Westlife are ghey, I have had a realisation. Bio-meddling is the future so that C and I can have twins. I need to be certain we are having twins (when the time comes) so I can name them Yasser and Arafat. I can think of no more appropriate moniker for my kids.

I give up. Much the way C will if this blasted essay doesn’t finish up soon.

Your Correspondent, Listening to what the Thunder Says

One Response to “Colin Powell retires to spend more time with Halo 2”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Loving the Snow reference.

    You should go the whole hog and start wearing check shirts buttoned to the top and round wire-frames.
    Bleach your hair, shave it at the sides and slap half a tub of mouse on the top. Oh, how can I be down?

    Also, you should refer to your car as your ‘whip’. I needs me to cop an ill whip so I too can pull madd ho’s.
    That’s them G’s right there.

    When you said ‘the passing of a king’ I assumed you were talking about Colin Powell – then I clicked the link to find out Ol’ Dirty was dead? Consider my earth shattered.

    Peace out,