Don’t Politicize The Internet!

I have been off work for the last two days because of the insane hours I was forced to put in last week. I have a great job. Not only am I doing something that I consider important on like, a cosmic scale, man, I have a great boss. We met for breakfast on Wednesday and he greeted me with a sincere hug and finished the meeting with a sincere hug. He also told me to take the days off and to rest assured that I was doing a great job. And he sent his sincere (his sincere!) love to my wife and his best wishes because he knew she had a sore throat. Its sincere. He isn’t just tapping me with a complex management strategy to make me more efficient.

The more I spend time with him and work for him, the more I actually believe that he approaches me as a Christian first and as a boss second. No wait. That is wrong. He approaches me as a Christian and everything else is wrapped up in that because it is an authentic effort at showing Christ’s love and respect for people. It totally rules.

He even sent me and C a card today thanking us for our fervent work these past few days.

One of the problems with being off for the two days after a US Presidential Election is that everyone thinks that they are capable of adding to the millions of words already written on the decision of 120 million people last Tuesday. You probably can’t you know. William Saletan has already though. And he’ll probably keep doing it too so get some of that good action.

Mimi writes:
“Despite my outward sunnyside-up optimism, I think part of me knew that W. would win reelection, and that we would have to put up with four more years of an administration that violently resists and rejects analysis, reflection, thought, judicious consideration of evidence, and the diverse opinions of experts. That is my main objection to Bush & Co. (boy is it a big one), and not coincidentally it is also my main objection to knee-jerk Bush-blamers. The world is a complex place, and worthy of our full attention. If only the President thought so too.”

And to that I say “Hear Hear!”.

But what I can’t get over is the overwhelming crap that is spilling out of the web at the moment. I mean, I know the web is filled with embarrassing shit, but its getting out of hand from Europeans who have made no effort to understand that living in America might involve different priorities or different factors than life in say, Dublin or Belgium. The overwhelming message I’m getting is:

1) America be damned because it thinks its so right and how can they be so arrogant?

Followed by,

2) How foolish is it to believe that there is such a thing as Right and Wrong? How cripplingly primitive?

Followed by, most mockingly of sense,

3) They are so wrong to vote for Bush. Bush is so wrong. Bush is evil. Bush is a fundamentalist. Bush is just like Al Quada--.

Point 3 grows more ridiculous until the Godwin Principle needs to be applied. If you don’t know what the Godwin Principle is then I ask you how have you survived the internet without becoming stupid? Anyway, click here, please click here to read the pinnacle of stupidity I have come across related to the 2nd Bush term.

All I can say to Dave and to Anonymous is don’t be haters, mofos. Even if you are funny funny haters.

I value all of your opinions, internets, really I do. Its just some people’s opinions are better than others. And then there are times when you just don’t want opinions. In which case, the only resort is Neuro, saviour of us all.

Your Correspondent, Apologises for the Politics of Hate

4 Responses to “Don’t Politicize The Internet!”

  1. neuro-praxis says:

    While we’re lounging at the bar of the mutual appreciation club, can I just say…truly excellent blogging action of late, o mighty zoomtard.

    I am enjoying.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ‘Its just some people’s opinions are better than others.’

    You sir, are worse than Hitler.

    Unlike Hitler though, you’re also quite correct. Don’t hate the haterz.

  3. Ah Kevin. Misrepresenting me yet again. Conclusions jumped over and into. I often think you’re a bit like the Easter bunny on crack.

    By the way, you nearly killed me with that clowning4christ link. I nearly choked to death; choked on laughter.

    I’ll remember that.

    Which is why I ask you to check out Hal Lindsey’s “excellent” cartoons here:

    Guaranteed to make any man ill and flaccid, even the fundie fetishists.

    All joking aside, I’m planning to write to the guy and ask him what the heck Ireland is doing on the briefcase here:

    I can’t figure it out.

  4. neuro-praxis says:



    In other news, the word “flaccid” is very funny.