Like school needs teachers, like Kathy Lee needs Regis, I need Jesus

So the reason there is no update here is that there is a major redesign in the offing and a Masters Thesis to hand-up. The ReImagining Zoomtard Conference will be taking place in a university near you soon since the new career needs a new Zoomtard. He wil return as voteboy because zoomtard territory has been taken by anti-American ranters with an ugly site. Voteboy is the trusted sidekick to Captain Democracy who alongside Neuro-Praxis will be the new stablemates here at antidisinformation. Dave is the design guru, NP is the joke teller, Cptn D fights injustice in the poltical system and I, well, I ramble.

It’ll make for an awesome combination. In the filled with awe sense and not the american teenager “way cool” sense. Now all I have to do is get time to talk to Dave about the photos for Zoomtard/Vote Boy.

Also, anyone know how to get rid of the hi-larious porn spam I suffer from?

Your Correspondent, Feeling the ground give way.

One Response to “Like school needs teachers, like Kathy Lee needs Regis, I need Jesus”

  1. des says:

    yeah, the porn or ( pR0|\| as idiots say) was pretty funny. I know aidan delaney gets plenty on his blog, so much so that he switched to an “approve/disapprove” protocol, where comments only go up once you have viewed them. Thats a bit much, but i can’t think of other ways to do it.

    Anyways, sorry to hear about zoomtard being taken, could be worse

    see what i mean!