I Knew If I Had My Chance

On my way into work today the sun was shining so brightly and the traffic was so slow and Ian and I were enjoying bashing the stupid referendum so much that we decided to get out and walk. After a block or two we said nuts to that and got on another bus. We have serious work to do. For me, there is a backlog of typing and staring into the distance at the old government. For Ian, he only has a week of being an apprentice to a cynical architect before he leaves on his round the world trip and he wants to treasure every moment of adding pointless coving to roofs and having his ideas rejected because planners wouldn’t agree or because its too complex or because its against the client’s religion to lay foundations.

Anyway, we boarded the bus but there were some coming-off-strung-out heroin junkies down the back. They were as sociable and winsome as heroin addicts can get, which means that the bus passengers were still on edge around them in case of an unpredictable freak out but we all enjoyed their conversation. Seriously, they were as happy and go-lucky a bunch of junkies as could ever be found. At least in Inchicore.

They didn’t make heroin addiction a lifestyle that I aspire to. In my weaker or more honest moments you could get me to admit that the wedding doesn’t sound as much fun as a round-the-world trip (the marriage will be great however) but I am not tempted to throw it all away for some crack. As pleasant as they were, they all still had the croaky dead man talking voice of a junkie, they all wore vomit stained clothes and they all looked like they beat themselves up in their sleep.

In Dublin there is a bridge called the Joyce bridge after the most over-rated ponce to ever come out of Ireland. It was designed by the genius Dr. Santiago Calatrava. Calatrava is one of those double barrelled architects. One, he can design kick ass stuff (specifically bridges but he has some great schools too in his portfolio). Two, he has an evil genius name.

Anyway, I’ll put a picture of this bridge up someday with my thoughts on it, since I am self-obsessed and think they are worthy of sharing but for now, imagine the bridge or Dubliners, think of the bridge.

The junkies go,
“eeer, look at the i bridge”.

“eeer, whachyamean?”

“eeer, remember the auld lad we were drinking with last week. he said it was meant to look like an eye, with eyelashes and shit”

“fuck off would you”

“fuck off you. look at it, the eyelashes and the eye is a bridge.”

“mad yoke. that is fucking mad. can you see them eyelashes. that’s fucking mad”

“here, that lad has a hurl in his skull----”

Seriously though, because what is a Zoomtard entry without a message, heroin scares me. Its heart breaking to see what it does to people and yet I am utterly helpless in the face of it. I feel like writing that I all I can do is pray for them but that is a substantial contribution, I guess. Regardless of one’s world view it’s a tragedy but from a Christian perspective, the total collapse of potential and of the individual’s sense of self and sense of worth is a tragedy that is hard to parallel. If we take what Christ said and did seriously, then we must accept that every man and woman has the potential (in Him) to excel far beyond their wildest dreams. Yet in a heroin addiction all point s of reference to the self are lost because the whole self is directed towards the drug. They don’t seem like real full people as a result.

The hard thing for me is to stop myself from seeing them as zombies and instead finding a way to practically love them.

I saw The Day After Tomorrow today. Its entertaining pants nonsense but pants of an extreme nature. The political message is as subtle as a jackhammer and as worthwhile as a snot rog used as a tourniquet. But I didn’t go see it to learn made up facts about the troposphere. I went for the action and I got it. Wolves summersault. I rest my case.

I also agreed with my friend Dee to start a new website and a new journal. It will be hosted here on antidisinformation but will probably be called chicks.antidisinformation.com. The goal of this website will be to examine biblical teaching on women, especially in regards to teaching and leading churches and by putting things into context we might be able to change people’s mind. It will be ghey to anyone who doesn’t care about Christianity or feminism but everyone else is welcome to look at our structures.

It will start for real in July but it should be interesting

Your Correspondent, Who can make people dance and happy for a while

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