We Do It To Ourselves

Fiancé works for an “Ivy League” university. But today she was diagnosed with vertigo. I don’t know what that is but she said that Doctor Man (he is Korean) warned her not to go near any hot temperatures or magnetic discs. Ags a result I have to do the cooking and housework even though I don’t live with her and I have to go fill in at her job.

The only reason I am not currently trapped in the vault she calls “Time Machine” is that I missed the bus this morning. The only reason I missed the bus is that the stupid backwater-hickstown-culchie-bog one-horse-fascist-popsicle-stand of a remote rural parochial excuse for a dwelling place she calls home has one ATM. And this ATM was broken.

Ah well. No business in town today then, I guess.

So instead she sat around trying to remember the other things she has to do to get better and the further symptoms she can expect. Its all a little too much for her, methinks, but the little warrior is battling through it. She is such a trooper.

So far she has remembered that she can expect extreme fatigue treated only by alcohol, rapid increases in temperature requiring urgent ice-cream and a near constant supply of high quality television, movies and computer games to stop her from going into a coma. I must also keep the house spotlessly clean because vertigo can easily develop into gangrene and she’d lose her legs.

So her kitchen is now an officially accredited as a suitable place for serious surgery or the production of semiconductors.

It wasn’t all hard work in my French Maid’s outfit. We wrote a song about bowels. I don’t think I’ll leave it here though because people who currently respect me read this site. I’d like it to continue that way.

Tomorrow I have to return to work for the Man (the actual government, not a Korean doctor) and that doesn’t fill me with mirth. The only plus side (beyond the paycheques) of my job is that it will help me develop a better theology of hell should I ever go to seminary.

I work with middle aged ladies with severe racism issues. Every black person they deal with must be screwing the system. Ireland is being swarmed by dirty foreigners who are stealing our houses, our jobs, our women and our shoes. They get BMWs when they come into the country and two mobiles. And then they are allowed go home to Nigeria three times a year courtesy of the tax payer.

Facts need not get in the way of their prejudices. Anyone, like me, who disagrees is naïve, over-educated and although good natured, definitely a cause of the continuing decline of the Irish state.

I had thought we were never in better shape and that we are more than able to take care of the poor “indigenous” Irish and the “new” Irish. But I was wrong. Or naïve. They want to destroy our green land and turn it into deserts populated with nothing but mosques, female mutilation clinics and Al Quaeda training centres.

A lot of this extreme sensationalism is down to this man:


Justin Turbo Catholic Barrett.
He is a friend to neo-Nazis in Europe and to Pre-Vatican II zealots here at home. But he is no friend to Johnny Foreigner. Forget that Ireland was substantially built on money sent home from the UK, USA and Australia by our economic migrants. Now that we have made it, we have no time for that.

My point though is this. Look at Justin. Scroll down and look at Clifford. These reactionary Irish politicians are so ugly. I say yes to immigration on a sexiness level. Make the Irish hotter by bringing in good looking eastern European and African young people.

It’s a spurious argument, I know. But no more than Mr. Barrett’s claim that we spend almost a quarter of a billion on asylum processes in a year. Wow! .04% of government expenditure on a process that protects and enshrines human rights. We are being ripped off.

Vote No on Friday. No facts. No figures. No reason.

Your Correspondent, In favour of people, even foreign ones.

3 Responses to “We Do It To Ourselves”

  1. Yes, more people from Eastern Europe *thumbs up*.

    Maybe some young, hot Barrett, with less vampire-level conservative views, should run for office? I am currently looking for signatures for my run for the Dail in the next election. I’ll be running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, community spirit and helium balloons.

  2. Phil says:

    If it turns out that you aren’t hot, you probably won’t get elected, or into heaven. As it says in John 9:0210 ( or something like that ) “The meek shall inherit the earth”.

  3. Once again Phil you are wrong ,and its left to me clean up the mess you have made. It’s Matthew 5:5 for starters.

    My real concern is , when the meek do inherit the earth. What then. A bunch of insecure fucknuts running around letting everyone go ahead of them.

    Except none of the idiots will have the testicular fortitude to go ahead of anyone else so the world will be a permament traffic jam.

    That way Exxon get more and more money as these spineless fools sit in their saying “No, you go ahead, I’m in no hurry”. And all the while their petrol is wasting away, and exxon are making a fortune.

    Its all a conspiracy. You can read more about it here http://tinyurl.com/3eb6q
    (not work safe, if you work in exxon, or other similar nazi places)