The Safe Word Was Armageddon

I am going to have to do something about the porn links that are commenting on my site. How do they find me?!? Dave, if you are reading this and know the answer, give me a call or an email. (Problem was solved for good (hopefully) on 2005/01/05.)

I forget if I have linked to this site before, but it is a cool response to porn and its addictive qualities so if that is something that affects you, click.

On Saturday I thought that I would go see a film that didn’t have any theological perspectives as a nice antidote to The Passion of the Christ. So, IT and I headed off to Dawn of the Dead 2004.

All I can say is that this film is absolutely brilliantly entertaining. Its nothing more and nothing less. From the first scene it is gory and scary and thrilling and classy and captivating and you want to look away but you can’t. It starts with the very cool Johnny Cash song, When The Man Comes Around (which I would love to link on mp3 but best not). It finishes with a cool ending that defies the Hollywood horror expectation. It kicks ass.

However, it also has a theological perspective because I didn’t realise that zombies arise when hell is full and the dead walk the earth. Spreading death. I also didn’t realise that they can’t speak or operate any machinery so I was pretty much zombie ignorant. What with Dawn of the Dead and the very promising Shaun of the Dead, I will soon be zombie-literate.

Hell is full and the dead walk the earth? What then of the Christians? If they are not destined for hell, are they immune to zombie-fication or were they whooshed away in some Left Behind version of End times?

Luckily, the movie is such a superb, amusing roller coaster ride that my super-snobby, over-educated, psuedo-intellect didn’t take over and ruin the fun. Let me sum it up for you in a way that should have you running to the cinema:

Aliens crossed with The A-Team

Your Correspondent, Looking out for the M-tv VJ who cameos on the sixty sixth minute.

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