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My struggle is over. I have never quite known what this website should be about and I have flip-flopped over its content. I had imagined a fun, light-weight joke filled paragraph per update thing like my girlfriend’s. Instead, it mutates and turns into a platform where I write about the things I know about (or am at least interested in) and you have to read three books just to catch up with me.

So from now on, I have decided that I will let the post-expansion occur. Posts tend to become so obese and disgusting that you have to have completed a university module on the topic to understand it and you have to design and build a wheelchair to get my fat-ass post around. But, I will stop the post in its tracks and send it straight to fat-camp if it gets like that. So put the blue-print paper away.

Basically, I’ll try and stop it from boring you.

So on to my beef at hand. It is not a cheery subject. Its about the reaction of a section of Irish students to the bombings in Spain last week. I have heard five or six people (in a discussion of about ten) claim that the blame for this atrocity lies ultimately in the hands of the American President.

Now, I am no fan of the Chief Thief. Everytime I look at him I am confronted with the clear truth of evolution and so he makes me feel uncomfortable. Like any decent Christian I run away from anything which challenges me. That includes Bush and his ape-ancestor face.

Anyway, these “students” think things through like this:
1) Spanish leader Aznar sides with the Yankees in their Iraqi episode and so makes friends with Appointed President MonkeyFace W Bush.
2) Terrorists attack a train station.
3) It is the MonkeyFace’s fault.

Lets play a thought experiment here (I know this will exclude the “students” out there because it involves abstract thought) where we can think about world affairs without dragging the war in Iraq into things.

So, lets imagine the USA, under say, its elected President Robo-Gore, decided to not invade Afghaneria and Iraq and instead followed some more appealing and friendly route. Lets say, he sent nice young American men to the middle east and they all played folk songs for the natives and people made friends and organised co-ops and clean water programmes.

In this magical world, would Al Qaeda still have attacked a European capital city last week?

Of course they would. The 1500 people they injured and the 200 they killed (including 60 injured and 8 dead Muslims) were not the power-brokers who were involved in sending Spanish soldiers to Iraq. They were co-op volunteers and students and decent ordinary folk.

They were killed for the same reason that night-clubbers in Bali were killed and office temps in New York were killed and that before 2001, Tanzanian and Ethiopian citizens were killed.

They were murdered because Al Qaeda are waging a war on our civilisation. Their victims are not legitimate. Their methods are not legitimate. They are to blame.

There are serious issues with American and British and Spanish (and Irish and Swedish and German and French and Russian and Austral--) foreign policy. But they did not incite this act. They are not responsible in any way. Total blame lies with the perpetrators.

And denying this is one of the most insidious lies of our times.

-Your Correspondent, Proving that with a pint of indignation and a tablespoon of self-righteousness you can make a sexy, luscious dessert

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