This Is My Tune For The Taking

Why the delay in updating? Well, Zoomtardio has managed to bag himself a new job. And hey, I don’t want to brag or to blow my own trumpet or to talk myself up, but this new job puts me on top of the hill in my chosen career. I have been working for the last few summers in various data entry jobs, from HP to the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Log Cabin Republicans but this new job makes me the data entry guy that all other data entry guys look up to. Look up to from their cramped cubicle at the back of the room beside the air-conditioning unit that no longer functions but does loudly hum all day everyday, that is.

All those painful hours of dedicated practice on my alt-tab technique, the gallons of perspiration sweated over the left or right shift key question and those fights with my fiancé where she claimed that error reduction was obsessing me and destroying my relationships were worth it. And she is proven wrong because I now have a totally flexible, pressure free, highly paid in the very relative world of student work, job where I contribute to a report being commissioned by the Economics department of one of the world’s greatest universities.

By contribute I mean, I look at micro-films of British era censuses (or is that censi?) and write some relevant details down in an MS Access database.

Still, its total flexi-time.

I work in the National Archives and so I can look forward to having my blissful concentration interrupted by thin, grey pensioner Americans who have come over to trace their Irish roots. Seriously, the place is crawling with these guys who talk in New York accents and want to let you know that their “nephew is a nice guy and a good kid to his dad but if he is down in that bar drinking pints while I am up here--”
They then ask if you can help them and assure you that if you hit paydirt they will come up with the dollars. Because “those gangsters who do this professionally will rip you off. You have to pay big cash to make it worth your while”. I will become expert at politely refusing their offers to “come to an arrangement”. Even if they seem like the kind of men who Sopranos was based on, they are probably more like the kind of guys who left Ireland in the ‘g50s and still think that nylon is a rare commodity in the Emerald Isle.

Anyway, I have important business to attend to on the now non-existent Great Britain St.

-Your Correspondent, Developing the ground-breaking Exploding Psychology framework.

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