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I used to regularly read, which is the website of a Dublin girl who did a degree in Biblical Studies at Trinity. After she graduated she packed in updating the site but in amongst her occasionally hilarious updates was an idea I really liked. She used to try and write a hundred and fifty word summary of any book or film she finished.

Its an interesting activity because finding a way to amusingly put a book into that small a space of text is a challenge and because you can come back in a year and see if you feel the same way. Or come back in ten years and remember that you did actually read that book.

So I might do that here.

Super Troopers
I may or may not have seen this film on a div-x that I found on my hard disk, a leftover from Christmas and forgotten in some dusty part of the stupidly titled My Videos folder built into XP. Or I may have legally rented the movie from an authorised film rental store. That’s neither here nor there for you.

What matters is that it’s a funny film. Its all about the State Troopers in Vermont and the crazy shenanigans they get up to even though their budget is about to be cut due to the incompetence of their buffoonery. It was written by the actors and it stars a couple of Hey Its That Guy!-s. Its got some classic set pieces; particularly the scene where they give a guy a ticket while replacing the word “Now” with “Miaow” as often as possible. Gold. Go see it soon.

Wah-la! That didn’t hurt too much did it? The bus and rail strike managed to keep me away from college and watching movies this afternoon. The best way to oppose inevitable opening up of the transport market to competition is to strike again. Everyone knows that!

People tend to have sympathy with a striking workforce because they realise that they must be in a serious place if they are willing to give up work and go on a picket. However, afternoon stoppages don’t demonstrate any real seriousness in the workers’ lives and their action is somewhat undermined by the fact that they went on strike and won better pay about three years ago. Enough already! I am so poor I can’t afford cotton boxers (which are proven to increase the chances of potency in men) and these guys are taking away the only kind of transport except for cycling and walking that I have.

The day wasn’t all lost however. I encoded ten sermons from 1998 that were given by Trevor Morrow at Lucan Presbyterian Church. This is a particularly stupid project I dreamt up and volunteered myself for. I am converting ten years of sermons from audio tape into mp3. Then we’ll have a great archive and library available for download and we won’t be able to afford the server space required. Oh well. It will, someday, be worthwhile. And it will, someday, be completed.

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