I’m Only Just a Man of Steel

Stay away from the beer German until my grammar normalises must I. The typoes in the last few zoomtard updates have been apalling. I endevor nevir to let such errors in entries again to.

Does believe in mean believe that?

I may believe in Socialism but I don’t need to see that Socialism exists as an object somewhere. Cuba is Socialist but it is not true to say that Socialism is in Cuba. If it doesn’t follow that believing in something requires that we believe that something to be, then surely we can believe in a God without believing that that God is in a literal sense.

If it holds, then we can claim to be Christians and still not take the Bible to be true in any objective sense and not take Jesus’ claims to divinity (or the claims made by the emerging Christian hierarchy led by Paul in their attempt to break free of the Jewish tradition and perpetuate their sexist power-holding… yadda yadda yadda) seriously.

But Socialism is not the same type of thing as God. Sure, both are ideals and both are believed in and both are believed in in similar ways and for similar motives, but unlike Socialism, God is conceived of as an object. Comparison between the two is non-sensical because God, at least in Christianity, is defined as inherently personal. As real. As an entity. (Admittedly as entity different in nature to our nature but entity nonetheless).

Now you can still aim to undermine the idea that the Christian conception of God and the universe is coherent and consistent but you can’t claim it from this instance.

So take that Don Cupitt! Stuff that up the front of your expensively tailored suit and belly flop a small orphan child with it seeing as all “moral values are created by cultures”- it can’t be wrong.

I don’t believe in Socialism. Just to re-assure you. As is expected in the development of a well cared for child who isn’t made to feel guilty about their relative wealth, I grew out of Socialism at the age of 15.

Your Correspondent, Feeling fairly certain his proposed argument is flawed like his grammar.

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