A visit back from the dead to haunt you some more

My beloved web readership: I offer a full apology for the downtime since my last response.

I have been busy with college and other responsibilities and I had no appetite for zoomtarding. I’m not trying to justify it, just explain it.

I preached a full sermon for the first time there last Sunday. Momentous step. I feel it went well but my criticisms are harsh and detailed. I didn’t stay on message sufficiently. The digression were entertaining by were not compact enough in themselves and they did not have an apparently direct relevance to the message and none of the sections ended smoothly or ran into the next in a clean transition. But, it was satisfying to have to knuckle down to a Biblical passage and teach something from it. The Bible leaves a lot of space for waffle and bad teaching so filtering out the interesting or the amusing to leave just uncluttered sense and wisdom is hard.

The cardinal rule of writing is that you should know what you want to say it and then say. However, there is a little reported but far more important rule of writing. The Papal rule, if you will, is that you should make sure that what you want to say has any validity.

This is even more true in a Church content because you don’t want to get things wrong. The technical term for that is heresy. In the passage I was dealing with, naively, heresy could jump out at me at any point and grab me in a headlock. Throughout the prior week as I was preparing, heresy shadowed me. I think he moved into a vacant house across from mine and had me in his zoom lens at all times, just waiting for his opportunity to slip into my text.

It seems I have dodged him this time. But my tendency to equate complex Biblical teaching with Homer Simpson quotes suggests that heresy may become my lifelong foe. My autobiography will be entitled, “Heresy: Nemesis Vanquished”.

My fiancé is in South Africa doing something for the oppressed. At least that is the cover story. In reality she is using the weak Rand (currency of South Africa) to buy up lots of desirable consumer items cheaply and she will smuggle them back into Ireland in a bag with the name of some AIDS charity prominently displayed on the side. No self respecting customs official would ever search the bag of a young lady dedicating her life to AIDS orphans in the Dark Continent.

Don’t worry though. She’ll tithe 10% of her profits to sub-Saharan causes. It’s a new take on Fair Trade; which is after all, a campaign concerned with the breaking down of unfair trade barriers. Fiancé is just choosing to ignore the trade barriers.

On that lying note, I bid you French for goodbye.

-Your Correspondent, Skiing in the Lake District

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  1. Trevor Morrow says:


    Loved the piece. In fact we would love you to preach it again for us in LPC on Sunday March 21st.