I couldn’t possibly play drums.

Christmas has come and gone but it seems war is not yet over. Just one more reason to never trust pop music kids.

My little brother trusts it and I am worried about the dark alleyways that the vulgar noise of the pop music will take him. His current obbsession is a British band called Muse. In favour of Muse, I haven’t yet heard them encourage the cutting of one’s own skin, suicide or violent rebellion against a complex that is referred to as the Industrial Military one. They are however art college graduates (I imagine) and they want to let you know. Their music is just a way to be overly-dramatic and theatrical without actually developing any drama in their songs. Their lead singer also sings like a diseased, possessed prophet predicting the end of the world. Re-reading that, it sounds like maybe that would be cool, but it isn’t. Its marketed at 16 year olds and my 16 year old brother swallowed it. Tough luck for him.

What would be cool would be if he liked the good music in the world. By that I mean the music of me and my friends. Then we could be middle aged towards the folk of the Be Good Tanyas and Gillian Welch, white and partying to the Beastie Boys and DJ Shadow and in adoration at the feet of Ben Folds.

I am suffering from Opportunity Withdrawl. In the calm of this Festive season I have decided to sleep until 10 or 11am every morning. I get up, read a little, play a little game, maybe eat a little, perhaps write a little or clean a little or wash a little or talk a little but I never do anything. I can’t seem to plan my day or the days ahead which is distressing for someone like me. Someone cool that is because lists are cool kids. I won’t have anyone diss my little green faux-leather book of lists.

This extends even to emailing my details and a photo to a government agency for a form I have to fill in or writing some Thank You cards for engagement gifts me and Fiancé received or arranging a date for a big massive party we are planning or tracking down some turbo Catholic books that my crazy aunt wants to buy second hand online.

I badly need to get my ass in gear since next week I return to work and with that I must return to my college work. My intention is to have a huge amount of reading and writing done by the time my MA resumes. Not because of my diligence or academic excellence but because I want to rub my classmates noses in it. They are all high and mighty with their undergraduate degrees in subjects that we cover but I slipped in to the course from Computer Science with a combination of charm, bold faced lies and subterfuge. There are two particuarly stoopid induhviduals in my class who I dub here, Mrs. Idiot and Ms. Idiot, and I need to get better grades then these guys. Otherwise I may start listening to my little brother’s Cut Yourself And Revolt! music.

-Your Flashing Correspondent. Lincoln, Nebraska

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