Hotel Debauchery

I hope you haven’t decided to read this based on the title of the update. I have rarely been in hotels in my life. A night in Barcelona, two in Amsterdam and a couple of weekends around the west of Ireland with my family. None of these allowed me any opportunities for debauchery. If I remember correctly, the last time in Barcelona consisted of a Friday night eating take away McDonalds and Starbucks while watching BBC World Service. It was the turning point of a horrible holiday that got worse the next day as we went to France.

Temporary insanity is the only explanation for me finding myself in France.

So a very Happy New Year to you, non-existent web readership. I pray that 2004 brings much happiness and only the character building kind of sorrow for you and yours.

I celebrated the New Year with my Church buddies. Once again, a surprisingly excellent time was had by all. Fiancé and me may have been the youngest people there by ten years and there may not have been depravity or licentiousness or wantonness and the kisses at midnight may have been on the chaste side of hot and there may have been a bunch of pre-pubescent kids in the conservatory and upstairs playing with Gameboy, Pokémon and Animal Hospital but it still rocked. I turned down a college party offer to go to Squaresville ’03 but I am happy with my choice. The selection of girls my age to flirt with and guys my age to talk cars and machines and footballs with didn’t even tempt me because they would have been three-beer-friends. After the party I would lose contact with them and never see them again but my Church buddies are my friends. They look out for me, advise me and love me. I’ll hang out with them every time.

Friendship message over.

Fíance and me are now into our sixth year together today. That means that we know people younger than our relationship. However, that relationship may not last very much longer since she is turning my early morning antics into entries for her website. I would never betray her like that but what I will say is that she has an obsession with collecting the packaging of her used cosmetics and storing them away to figure out the rate of inflation based on the rising prices.

I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions. Well, I believe in them but I don’t make any. So I can’t bore you in all the ways imaginable. I also won’t post up my “poetry” or my “music” but I may make your brain crawl out your ear by adding photos to my site. Readership would have to justify the extra effort so don’t expect that until we hit the magic threshold of ten visitors every day.

-Your Correspondent. Trying to be hip at a Hot Hot Heat concert.

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